We see donations arising from a number of sources, principally—

Members of the RSGB

At present a large number of RSGB members are making donations with their membership renewals.

These donations are being treated as donations to the charity and where possible advantage will be taken of Gift Aid.


Many RSGB members make provisions in their wills regarding amateur radio.

In future all such bequests will be treated as being donations to the Radio Communications Foundation.

Amateur radio companies

Many suppliers of amateur radio equipment already have given their support to educational outreach and other RSGB and club initiatives concerned with the promotion of radio communication to the public.


The UK radio communications industry is one of the most innovative and vibrant in the world.

Radio technology is set to expand dramatically especially in the VHF and microwave parts of the spectrum.

There is a severe shortage of skills and familiarity with radio technology and engineering.

The RCF aims to play its part in raising public awareness of the opportunities for jobs and careers.