Welcome to the Radio Communications Foundation

The world of radio—you cannot see it or touch it but it is all around us.

 International_Space_Station_after_undocking_of_STS-132Radio provides the basis for mobile phone systems, broadcasting, local area networks, satellite navigation, alarms, environmental monitoring and so much more that we now take for granted in our everyday world.

It is the vital enabling technology that provides the backbone for today’s digital Britain.

However, an ongoing problem is the serious shortage of radio communication engineers, scientists and technicians.

This is where the Radio Communications Foundation comes in.

YOTA workshopEducation is the key.

An interest aroused in radio by a hands-on demonstration at school or at an exhibition or perhaps by a radio amateur can leave a lasting impression.

People who become radio amateurs at an early stage usually retain a lifelong interest in radio and some build on early experiences to go on and take up a career involving radio.

The Foundation is a Registered Charity established specifically to support people and projects where radio communications through the expertise of the radio amateur is the theme.

The strategy of the Foundation is quite simple:

  • To bring the benefits of radio to young people; and
  • To encourage the use of technology.

The Foundation actively gives financial support to projects that fulfill its strategy.

If you wish to support the Foundation in its work by making a donation or leaving a legacy, or if you want to learn more about how the Foundation supports the world of radio then see How to donate on this site, or contact us.