The purpose of this short paper is to guide applicants for RCF funds as to the criteria that RCF Trustees will employ when considering funding requests in the context of available funds.

There is no presumption that requests that meet the criteria below will necessarily be funded.

The basic information the Trustees require is—

  • why the funds have been requested;
  • what they will be used for; details of exactly what the project is, what its objectives are, who it is intended to reach and what will determine a successful or unsuccessful outcome.
  • how much is required;
  • does the request fully fund the project or are funds also forthcoming from other sources? Have other sources for funds been explored? Has this project been funded previously?

To apply (or for further details) please send an email to – if you are applying please give the details above within your email.

The Trustees will be mindful of the RCF’s objectives—

…to advance the RCF mission by engaging with key groups

  • Those at school—and in uniformed groups such as the Scouts, Guides, Army Cadet Force, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Air Training Corps and Ambulance Brigades—in order to develop their interest in radio communications
  • Those planning or undertaking a university or higher education course to encourage the study of radio communications options
  • Those planning or considering employment in radio communications
  • The public more generally, including those with an interest in amateur radio.

The Trustees may also consider wider benefits, where they consider these relevant.

Due diligence—

If the Trustees are minded to agree an application, they will need to check that the application is genuine, the people involved are creditable and the project is viable—where a company or charity is involved registration numbers and accounts will be required.

The Trustees will have regard to the risk, both financial and reputational, associated with supporting the project.

If an application is successful, the Trustees will require—

  • Suitably placed acknowledgements that the RCF provided some / all of the funding;
  • Regular updates, including if appropriate photos etc., that can be used by RCF for publicity purposes
  • A brief post-project evaluation by the fund-requester that will set out what happened during the course of the project and the extent to which the objectives were achieved

Geographical limitations—

  • Funding will only be available to UK individuals/organisations to ensure compliance with UK anti-money laundering regulations