Radio Communications Foundation Arkwright award ceremony 2017

Radio Communications Foundation Arkwright award ceremony 2017, Left to right RCF Trustee Steve Hartley, Timothy Hare, Martin Radulov and Luke Andrews

Luke Andrews

Luke is currently studying to A2, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry plus an Engineering EPQ.

He has experience in software-defined radio, low power WANs and wifi development kits and environments as well as RF electronics, engineering and basic antenna and propagation theory. Luke has a keen interest in the field of digital logic and microprocessor design.

Luke achieved a gold medal in the senior round of the UKMT Mathematics Olympiad 2017 and was a finalist at the BEBRAS National Informatics Challenge 2017.

He is a keen rower, training for over 10 hours a week and enjoys hiking and camping.

Roseanna Devos

Roseanna Devos is attending Sleaford Joint Sixth Form.

She is studying Maths, Physics and Electronics at AS level and hopes to go on to study electronics at university.

Her hobbies outside of school include baking, volunteering at a local chapel and crocheting for which she is aspiring to achieve a silver art award.

Roseanna has passed both her foundation and intermediate amateur radio exams and currently working towards her advanced.

Tim Hare

Tim Hare is studying A level Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Product Design at the City of Norwich School.

Tim has demonstrated a passion for engineering, science and computing as a licensed radio amateur and a keen electronics hobbyist. This has been recognised by him winning engineering and science competitions.

An example was Keysight Technologies, who were ‘very impressed’ by his ‘great work at a young age’ and believed that he has ‘a ton of potential to really drive innovation in electronics’. As a result of Tim’s video presentation entry they awarded him a 1 GHz 4 channel MSO7104A oscilloscope.

In addition, the Arkwright scholar’s radio licence and connection to the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club allowed him the privilege of being the first to establish contact with Tim Peake during City of Norwich School’s live link up with the International Space Station in 2016.

Tim enjoys sport, art, geology and community activities.

Elliott Marshall

Elliott Marshall is currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Design at Rugby school and has recently submitted his university application.

He has now obtained his Foundation licence, M6KHV, recently enjoying a conversation with another operator in the Falklands.

In a maths challenge activity at school he worked as part of a team to solve a series of problems against the clock and other teams. Most recently Elliott has achieved a Gold in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge.

In his own time, he made great use of Raspberry Pi; in one project using Python to control a screen to display the images from the homepage of the BBC news and in another constructing an LED clock making use of Autodesk 3D CAD/CAM in the design.

Elliott’s main hobby is as a sailor of racing dinghies in team and fleet races. This not only involved working as a team in international competition but also maintenance of the boats, including reconstructing a fibre glass hull

Milo Noblet

Milo was a 2015 student and is now studying MEng Electronic Engineering with Mobile and Secure Systems at the University of Southampton.

He has recently been awarded an IET Diamond Jubilee scholarship and passed his Full licence, M0ILO, with distinction while volunteering at YOTA 2017, Gilwell Park.

Martin Radulov

Bio coming soon…

Ben Raven

Ben, a 2015 scholar, is currently studying Bioengineering at the University of Sheffield, with an interest in specialising into cell and tissue engineering in the future.

Outside of university Ben’s hobbies include climbing, freestyle kayaking, trampolining and running.

Ben is currently a member of a team attempting to build an exoskeleton for people paralysed from the waist down, with aims to compete at the Cybathlon 2020.

Back home he works as a kayak instructor at Hillingdon Outdoor Activities Centre and as a waiter and barista at a local coffee shop.