In partnership with the Arkwright Trust the RCF provide two scholarships annually.

Who can apply?

To be considered for an Arkwright Scholarship a student should be:

  • Actively considering higher education in engineering, product or industrial design
  • Applicants must be in Year 11 (England and Wales) or S4 (Scotland) and about to take their GCSEs, Scottish Standards, or equivalent examination
  • Applicants must be taking design and technology subjects
  • Applicants should be planning to take A levels, Scottish Highers, or equivalent examinations in subjects relevant to the study of engineering at university
  • Applicants must make a commitment to maths at AS and preferably A level (England and Wales) , Higher or Intermediate Level, preferably Advanced Higher/Higher in S6 (Scotland)
  • Applicants must be actively considering a university degree and career in engineering, or a related area of design

How to apply

Applications are made through your school’s design and technology department.

Applications are released in November for the current year 2 or S4 students to apply.

What do you get?

The scholar will receive £500 over the two A level years.

The school’s design and technology department will receive £450 over the same period.

Full details can be found at the Arkwright Scholarships Trust.