RCF to Fund Licence Exam for 60 Youngsters in 2024

The Radio Communication Foundation (RCF) has decided to ease the burden of foundation license exam costs for sixty deserving youngsters in 2024.

The RCF is a small charity that seeks to promote radio engineering and amateur radio. Last year, several teachers identified the cost of Foundation exams as a barrier for some young people. As a result, the RCF Trustees considered how they might help remove this barrier.

Funding licence exams for every youngster was seen to be unaffordable, and unnecessary in many cases. As a start, and to help those with the greatest need, the Trustees have agreed to fund sixty Foundation exams each year. The funding will be available to anyone who is under the age of 21, in full-time education, and needs help with the exam fee.

Fifteen exams will be funded every three months. The first batch of 15 exams will be funded in January 2024. If any of the allocated funds are not used, they will be rolled over to the next quarter. No money will change hands, the RCF Trustees will simply make the bookings and pay the RSGB directly.

How to apply?

In time, there will be a simple online form to complete. In the meantime, anyone seeking funding should simply send their details in an email to rcfsecretary@commsfoundation.org along with a short supporting statement from a parent or guardian outlining why they should be supported by an RCF funded exam. This should include brief details of their interest in amateur radio, and how they have trained, or are training, for the Foundation exam. For someone over 18 in full-time education we will be happy to take a supporting statement from a teacher or tutor. This will help the Trustees make their decisions.

If the scheme proves to be successful, and amateurs continue to donate to the RCF, with Gift Aid, there may be scope for increasing the number of exams funded each year.