G-QRP Supports further RCF Exam Funding

When G-QRP Club Secretary Dick, G0BPS, heard about the RCF initiative to pay for sixty RSGB Foundation exams taken by young people in full-time education, he asked if the Club could help out. The Club Committee (minus Chairman Steve, G0FUW, also an RCF Trustee) agreed to sponsor an additional ten exams. 

The RCF now has the funds and awaits applications from young people who would benefit from a little help in getting started in amateur radio.

The RCF Trustee’s would like to thank the G-QRP club for their generous support

Who are G-QRP ?

The G-QRP Club is devoted to low power communications and has over 4,000 members, mostly in the UK, but also in pretty much every corner of the world. Further information can be found here: https://www.gqrp.com/