Arkwright Day at Bletchley Park

Arkwright Scholars Day at Bletchley ParkOn 29 March 2016 the RCF hosted an Arkwright Day at Bletchley Park

Arkwright Scholars are all interested in science, technology, engineering and maths and it seemed to us that we had access to a large group of people who would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about radio technology.

Initially we thought that radio technology was not a very popular interest and was pleasantly surprised that we were inundated with over 60 scholars for 16 places!

Arkwright Scholar take Foundation examThe Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), kindly provided us with access to the National Radio Centre at Bletchley Park where the event was held.

Prior to arrival the scholars had been in receipt of a copy of the Foundation Now! book and had access to online support to help them prepare for their very busy day.

The course material and exam costs were sponsored by the RCF.

The day’s activities were designed to enable them to be in a position at the end of the day to put what they had learned into practice by sitting the Foundation exam.

Of the 15 scholars who took the exam, 14 passed with a very near miss for one unfortunate person who failed by only one mark.

The day was declared a great success by every one with the intention of holding another one later in the year.

The RCF would like to thank the scholars for their enthusiasm and interest and of course to the RSGB who provided much appreciated help and support during the course of the day.